Headed up to do Gold Mountain on Thursday 7/19.
We were 20 minutes late and did not have Aaron's number, so we started up the trail.
We got to a mud puddle just passed the first obstacle and there were no tire tracks in it. We realized Arron had not come through yet. While we were pondering what to do, my Son heard a vehicle approaching... It was Aaron in his nicely built Cherokee with his Cousin and his girlfriend! They were 30 minutes late..
Finally together, we proceeded up the trail.
I managed to cut a side wall and had to change it out, thank you Aaron for doing most the work. It wasn't necessary though. I'm not that old yet, lOL.
I like this trail because it is scenic with 3 or 4 challenging obstacles. (at least for my Jeep). love the Rock Garden too!
We finished the trail without further incident. Then headed home as we both had things to do.
I'm out of practice and couldn't remember how to post pix, so I hope this link works.
Looks like it doesn't, I will try again later.