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Big Bear Forest Fest


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  • Big Bear Forest Fest

    This is a anual event put on by the Inland Empire 4x club
    the contribute 20 percent of pproceedes to the SB National forest fund
    They do trail runs on bothe saturday and sunday
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    Originally posted by Organized Events Forum Rules
    Please name your thread with the STATE, if not California, DATE, and TRAIL NAME. Include in the first post the meeting time and where, *along with any other important facts necessary for attending the event.*
    We're not kidding! ^^^

    Any other info to add? Do you have to be in their club to go?

    * Just appended
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      June 17th , 18th, 19th
      Camping site is Snow Valley resort
      trails being run are (but not exclusive) John Bull, Holcomb Creek, Pilot Rock including 2n17x, White mountain, Gold Mountain, Holcomb Historical area.
      All runs will have 2 of the club members on it monitoring the run
      They have a big cookout on Saturday night
      A Raffle on Saturday night
      Event is open to public
      there is a list of equiptment required in the link
      will be vendors at the event(well there were last year)
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        The trails aren't particularly difficult, (even John Bull) but it's been a while since I was wheeling last, so I'm signing up! Besides, I need to win a Wench, I mean winch!
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          I'll most likely be going. A college friend of my dad and his club are going to be coming down from Santa Barbara.
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            I used to be an IE4W member. They put on a good event. The trail runs are well organized, but take a little long. Expect to spend a full day on the trail, much of it hurry-up-and-wait style.

            The biggest reason to go is the dinner. They put on one hell of a feast after the runs, complete with dessert. They also have a pretty decent raffle.

            They take the Cal 4 Wheel rules seriously, so pay attention to the equipment and safety rules. They'll turn you away if you don't meet any of the req's.
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              I'll be there with my gold rubicon.
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