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  • Calico

    We headed to Calico to drive the Doran Loop. Heading up Odessa Canyon and coming down the Bismark Mine Canyon. An area that once boosted over a of over a hundred silver mines. Now is a popular offroading area. And with just one trip I can see why.

    Pictures are with the trip report.

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    cool the hell did he dump it?

    Did you come down Lower Doran (what you guys called "the gatekeeper?")

    Was this the Rubicon Owners Club that did this run?

    lotsa questions

    2002 TJ on 35s a bit of lift with some stuff
    Rock-ItMan all the way around


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      He dumped it by fooling around on the big rock on the drivers side. I was told he was posing for a picture and went a little to high.

      Yes the Gatekeeper is the lower section of the Doran Loop, there is a by pass and most trips start at either the by pass or up the Gate Keeper. We drove in backwards, probably due to the large amount of Jeeps in the group. We figured maybe 8 Jeeps, but we ended up having 29.

      Yes it was an Rubicon Owners of California event.


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        Nice pics looks awesome. I cant wait to get the YJ goin and come out.
        94' XJ,4.0,Tera Low 4:1
        D44/9inch, Locked, 36x14.50 TSL's and way to much lift