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Big Bear 6/19 Report


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  • Big Bear 6/19 Report

    The weather was perfect, the trails weren't the dusty-est we've ever seen, and most of us were able to get though 3 trails! We had a great time, to say the least, and a big thanks to everyone who came out for this run.

    We started off on Gold Mountain, played around in the rock garden a bit, headed off to John Bull's playground for lunch, met up with some poor bastards in a buggy with a broken tie-rod (pics to come soon), and then topped it off with a run down White Mountain.

    Rick, Brian and I just got back after having some fewd and a couple of margaritas, so I think it's time to finally wash our hands!! LOL

    Will get the pics up tomorrow -
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    I want pics now! Now I tell you!


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      The buggy was a pretty hard-core sandrail fabbed out of aluminum and sheetmetal. 2WD, long travel shocks, 18" diameter sand front wheels, and a turbo Mazda rotary engine (?) over the rear axle.

      It sheared the driver-side tie rod after slamming into a rock after the first rock garden on John Bull. "I can't go any slower than 12 mph..." the driver muttered to me when I asked him what happened.

      We all had to pull-over and let the driver limp back down the hill. All the while, the passenger was walking down hill along side the front driver tire and kicking it back into place to get the thing to track right. What an unholy mess. Taking a sandrail up John Bull is like attempting a trans-Atlantic crossing with a bass boat.

      Had a fun time though. Nice to finally meet the famed Rick and Sarah (published celebrities, that they are and all), David and Tina, Anthony, David, John, Jeff, and Brian. The little rugrats (Blake/Brooke) running all over the forest were adorable.

      See y'all next time!
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        Glad to hear you had fun! Sorry I missed it, but I only had 3 hours of sleep at the overnight campout for the Girl Scouts at Maverick Stadiumm in Adelanto. Then to have both of my kids puke their guts up. I came home and slept all day!!
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        Glad to be back in California!


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          Click for the MJR Gallery

          Ted, that's a nice setup you have there with your Jeep, GPS laptop and all!
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            Man I wish I could have been there!
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              Great pics looks like everyone had a good time.
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                JMBrowning on Gold Mountain:

                Blktj at John Bull Entrance:

                Lunch at John Bull:
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