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Last Chance 3/20


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  • Last Chance 3/20

    I just wanted to say I had a great time Saturday. I had never been to Last Chance Canyon, and it was really fun and very beautiful as the desert can be. It was great to wheel with George and his wife, and Mike and Mike. Those Cherokees sure are capable rigs. I know Tommy had a good time too. Anyway hope to go out again, probably not a desert run til it gets cooler. Has anyone ever been into the southern sierras like Kennedy Meadows or Monache Meadows?
    Ron (rmagoo)

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    Take any pics? How hot was it there, are we gonna have to wait til Fall to check it out?
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      Bummer I could'nt make it. I'm doing my rear main seal this week no matter what. Ha!
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        I'm hanging my head sarah, i forgot my camera, so no pics, but the weather was perfect I think it got up to about 85 degrees, clear skies, there was even a little dampness in the creek at spots. Maybe next time I'll bring a flashlight and explore the mines a little. I would think you might have about one more month of cool enough weather, I think it may storm this saturday?


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          aww that's ok, rick and i have yet to make it out there, so i was just curious to see some more pics. we'll have to head out there for the next trip!

          rain is on the way, and it's a good thing we rented an RV for this weekend's adventure into the unknown!
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            I was out at Randsberg and Red Mountain on Sunday the 21st.
            Was beautiful, 80's, turning green all over, I was just out checking out the ghost towns and finding new trails and places to go. There are some off road areas out there. Gonna have to do some more exploring in that area. Endless, that's what I love about California, endless wheeling - for now.

            I went up through some trails around some old mines and ghost towns. I had the intentions of taking pictures but grabbed the wrong bag.

            So just memories for me on this one.
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              Okay now I am bummed, I am close to Last chance and Red mountain and wasn't able to go to either... stupid job! :mad:
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