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Be sure to pack it out!


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  • Be sure to pack it out!

    As you all already know, it's becoming more and more important to "pack it out." Portable camp toilets are required at the Rubicon this year, and one whole camping area was shut down because of human waste. We're lucky we got it back! As part of our 'responsible offroading' mission we have here at MJR, (and correct me if I'm wrong) but I think all moderators and admins here are now carrying toilets on the trail. It would be great if we can prevent closures instead of fighting to get our lands back, and this is one way we can help.

    If anyone is interested in purchasing a toilet or has been meaning to for some time, we can organize a buy from OutBack Pack and everyone can save a few bucks.

    Thanks to Al's post in a previous thread, this shelter makes a great companion also, for changing, pooping, or showering. Available at Sportsmans Guide.

    Make sure to get your toilet monster if your portable toilet features a flip-up lid! HAHAHA
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    "... can be used as a toilet or camp seat ..."

    Alright, if anyone is going to use that as a camp seat, let me know right now and I'll bring one of those shelter thingies myself in case you decide it's time to just "let go" while sitting around at camp chit chatting with everyone else. :yawn: :oops: :doh

    PS: LMAO at the toilet monster.
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      sure beats wrapping a towell around ones self
      censored for having an opinion


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        That could be some real fun (the toilet monster)
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