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maryland trails


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  • NAILER341
    good luck...
    from what i have read, there arent many legal places to wheel there any more.
    Rausche, Paragon are a couple that i have heard of.
    these guys might be able to help you find some legal areas to wheel.
    so many are doing illegal wheeling in the MD area, nd doing no good in the big fight to keep open the trails that are legal.
    i am pretty sure that there are a lot of legal areas to wheel in PA.
    those states are so small that it cant be a big deal to go from one to another.
    i lived in baltimore [perry hall, parkville] for a while, but a lot has changed since then.
    i hope this info helps you

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  • jeepshot
    started a topic maryland trails

    maryland trails

    Hey i live in maryland and just wondering if anyone knows of some legal trails around this area. im 2 for 2 on being threatended to have the cops called on me, not good situations. haha, but im dieing to find somthing to ride without haveing to worry about whether or not the cops are gonna fuss. Now that the weather is gettin really good ive got the top off and i need to get some dirt for my jeep.