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National action alert – rare opportunity for off roaders!


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  • National action alert – rare opportunity for off roaders!


    This is all hands on deck.
    Tell Interior Department your views on National Monuments.

    Last week we told you that the Department of the Interior (DOI) is taking public comments concerning its review of Antiquities Act National Monuments. A list of monuments under review can be found here.

    A review of National Monuments has been a priority of this organization for years. This time we may have an unprecedented opportunity to provide constructive input early in the process. We must take advantage of the opportunity to seek the changes we want. Everyone who has an issue with National Monuments needs to weigh in on this. This action requires no money and no special expertise – just a couple of minutes of your time.

    You can bet that environmental and preservationists groups are weighing in. We must each answer this call. Please visit the link above without delay and tell the DOI what you think. Then please get ten of your friends to do the same.

    Comments may be submitted online at or by mail to Monument Review, MS-1530, U.S. Department of the Interior, 1849 C Street NW, Washington, DC 20240.

    A list of suggested talking points is listed below, but remember the more personal your comments the better.

    Thank you.

    Martin Hackworth
    Executive Director Coalition


    Legislation is always preferable to unilateral Executive action. We support the Utah Public Lands Initiative as the proper way of balancing preservation and multiple use of these lands.

    We support the concerns and comments of a truly diverse range of stakeholders, including affected counties, property owners, businesses, permit holder, residents and elected officials.

    The Monument should be reduced in size to the smallest acreage necessary to protect the true “objects” of the Monument.

    The Proclamation should be amended to recognize outdoor recreation, including motorized trail riding and historic permitted OHV events, as allowed uses or purposes of the Monument.

    Specific, established recreation corridors should be specifically identified for continuing use, including motorized recreation. If you know specific routes or have personal experiences to relate you should do so.
    Direction should be provided instructing that for any routes closed to motorized travel, the Secretary will determine whether an interim restriction with subsequent restoration of access is appropriate, and if not, the proper
    relocation or establishment of comparable additional motorized access that can be implemented to offset the closure.

    A motorized recreation representative should be a required member of any advisory council.
    Proud to be an American! Sharetrails/BRC President.
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