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    Awesome post, I'll recap it here because I think more people will read/click if they know what this is about.

    Originally posted by from pirate
    As the current King, I command all of you to take March 14th off to go down to your local legislator's office and speak to them in person about saving Johnson Valley and the Hammers trail system. Make sure you call ahead and set an appointment on either the 14th or 15th of March, which CMRC has designated as the "National OHV Lobby days". On this days, your legislator WILL be in thier offices.

    This is VERY important. Walking into their offices will carry MUCH more weight than an e-mail....and an even bigger impact will come from east coast guys like me because our legislators have NO idea what it is like in Johnson Valley.

    For talking points and a step by step process of how to do this, please click here:
    On April 27th, 2012, the United States Marine Corps will submit their Final Environmental Impact Study and light the fuse that starts a chain of events to close 160,000 acres of the Johnson Valley OHV area. If this happens, less than 2% of the Southern California desert would be open to OHV use! Without your help the future of the Hammers is unclear!
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