Moderator's Note:

While this News Release is directed at a specific site, it does
highlight a very important point that we need to consider.

Each year, recreationists are tagged with the label of "resource
destruction" when tire tracks are left in wet areas. We have lost
many miles of trails nationwide due to "resource destruction" when
trails are used under wet conditions.

Please respect the temporary closures due to weather or trail
conditions. We do not want the "temporary" closures to become
permanent closures because of resource damage.

Practice Responsible Recreation and Tread Lightly!


>News Release
>For Release: Feb. 26, 2004
>Contact: Jeff Fontana (530) 252-5332 or Tim Burke (530) 233-4666
>The Bureau of Land Management's Alturas Field Office has announced
>seasonal road closures in Lassen and Modoc counties. The closures
>begin March 12, and are designed to protect muddy areas from motor
>vehicle damage. Closures will be lifted when the areas dry later in
>the spring.
>In Modoc County, the Delta Lake Road will be closed to vehicles at
>the north end of the Bayley Reservoir Dam. Vehicle access to Nelson
>Corral Reservoir in Lassen County will be limited to existing roads.
>"These annual restrictions were initiated in 2000 following
>extensive public discussion," said Tim Burke, manager of the BLM
>Alturas Field Office. "The travel restrictions protect public lands
>from damage while still allowing reasonable springtime access to
>these popular fishing reservoirs."
>Current road information is available by calling the Alturas Field
>Office at (530) 233-4666 or from the website,
>Alturas Field Office 708 W 12th Street Alturas, CA 96101