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One of our own desperately needs help. Please.


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  • One of our own desperately needs help. Please.

    One of our own needs our help

    Shane Beard, infamously known as Campingdad throughout the Four Wheel Drive community, has been stricken with Pancreatic Cancer. Shane has not only been a member of our community, but he has been one of its greatest leaders, especially throughout New England and the Northeast. He has been a long-time Vice President of the Northeast Willy’s Jeep Association, Vice President of the Northeast Association of 4WD Clubs, and also the founder of the Northeast Online Wheelers message board ( Over the past four years, NEOW has grown to be the largest and most active four-wheeling message board in the New England area, with over 1,600 members strong. This man, who always went out of his way to be kind and to help others, now needs our help in return.

    Some words from Stephen Gallagher, President of the Northeast Willy’s Jeep Organization:
    “Shane has been an integral part of NEWJO:
    Serving as the first VP of NEWJO for two consecutive terms until he took over the VP of the Northeast Association of 4wd clubs.

    Shane was the yang to my ying, pulling in the reigns when ever I had too boisterous idea or letting the rope out a little when he wasn't sure the idea would fly.

    It is because of Shane the first Christmas party for NEWJO happened and because of Shane we have an Adopt-a-road.

    In the beginning of NEWJO Shane and I would bounce ideas off each other and things got done and we had fun doing it.

    Shane was one of many whom took over the website for NEWJO. He was the only one that stuck with it until it was handed over to rawlus. Even then Shane continued to help rawlus. Shane also created the forum and worked to get the club a more professional outlook.

    Shane is responsible for many of the trails at the Homestead, using his jeep as a sherman tank plowing through the brush and conquering the old trails before anyone else.

    Shane always has encouraging words to new people and has always been willing to listen to others.

    When I took Shane out on his first trail ride in the (not the egg yet) egg, You could see in his expressions and actions a thirst for more. You could see his compassion for his wife. You could see the dedication and commitment to his family.

    Shane has evolved from an unsure apprehensive wheeler to one with confidence and forethought to make any outing a success to those around him.

    Shane and I have acted like brothers, not always getting along but always enjoying each others company while we were together. Shane has always been good to me and the people around him, and Shane will never be forgotten. “

    In support of Shane so far, many of us in the community have banded together. His home is in desperate need of repair, with problems such as pipes freezing every winter.
    A quote from LouEllen, Shanes Step-Mother:
    “ Shane and Vickie both have been wanting to do something modular for some
    time. They just couldn't swing it. We know the house very well, it was
    bought intending to only live there a year or two. You know what happens to
    plans and now 10 years has gone by. It is only sitting on pylons. The water
    runs under the house so everything is always damp. ROT!!! The water tank is
    ready to fall through the floor. The electrical and plumbing leave alot to
    be desired. The furnace in the living room is it. It only works sometimes.”

    We even thought of contacting the Television show Extreme Home Makeover to help with Shanes cause, but with production and planning 6 months out, Shane might not have 6 months more to wait. We are beginning plans to embark on our own grassroots version of an Extreme Home Makeover with the help of everyone in the northeast four wheeling community. We have big plans, but we have big hearts and a lot of determination. We want to give back to this man and his family what he has given to us over the past many years he has been a leader in our community.

    Donations by Paypal can be made to:

    Donations by US Mail can be made to:
    Peter Beard /for Shane Beard Trust.
    c/o TD Banknorth
    11 School St
    Hillsboro, NH 03244
    Attn : Linda Blake

    Thank you so much.