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Watch Jay Leno Tonite!!


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  • Watch Jay Leno Tonite!!

    My brother, parents and I were in the studio audience this afternoon!! Just got home, the @(#*$& cable is out, so it better be on in the next hour so we can catch the show.

    We were the last people let in that received seats, so my dad got the seat that was reserved for Jay's wife! Leonardo de Caprio was on, along with some country singer named Kenny something, so there was a huge turnout of people. Hundreds of people holding tickets were turned away. Good times!
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    congratulations! you guys are going to be famous :shades:
    i didnt get this till too late so i didnt see it, but i'm glad you had fun

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      I watched the first part of it ... then fell alseep. What I never really payed attention to is that they don't show anyone's face for more than a quarter second. LOL!!
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        i come across tickets to late night shows quite often, mostly Jimmy Kimmel, if u guys/gals are interested ill post it here, u can come pick them up or ill mail them to you.


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          Originally posted by sarah
          along with some country singer named Kenny something,

          Kenny Chesney!

          I've been to a taping of The Price Is Right, but that's been years ago when Megan was like 2 or 3 years old. That was fun and when Rod Roddy was still alive.
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