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What to pak on a two or more trail Ride?


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  • igofshn
    Pack like you would if back packing. I eat hot food every day, but remember that you have to carry everything.

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  • Chris_L
    Here is a small list given to me by jeepkat {mr.blaines wife}, for our JV trips. I always forget the little things, so this helps me a lot.

    Comfort items:

    dry washcloths in ziplock bags, several. I keep some in the Jeep, clothes bag and dry food bag.

    lip balm (chap stick)

    benedryl, stick or spray for bug bites. blaine got bite by an ant last time and it made a nasty bump.

    asprin for caffine headaches or muscle aches.

    lotion for dry skin

    eyedrops, the dust is killer on the eyes

    items for a spong bath, wash cloth and towel.
    sunglasses and a hat


    toothbrush and paste, hair brush or comb

    comfy footware to wear around camp and to slip on for when you have to go in the middle of the night, always wear some kind of footwear.

    a pillow

    one of those 2.5 gallon water things with the spout, great for washing up and camp soap. we always bring one now.

    a chair

    a small movers blanket, you can get them at Osh. great for laying on if you have to work on the Jeep, you can also sit on it, or use it to keep warm.

    a trash container for your Jeep, nylon net bag with draw string. aka laundry bag from Wal-marts. or something similar.

    leatherman, has more uses than I can list. or generic equivalent.

    that's all I can think of for now. I should put together an official list to check off for each trip.

    I hope you found this helpful.

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  • D4x4Fish
    started a topic What to pak on a two or more trail Ride?

    What to pak on a two or more trail Ride?

    :confused: I was wondering what you pak for a trail ride more than a day. :shade: I've camped weeks on end, :shade: hunting trips, but we live out of a base camp. Everything we need is brought in by full size trucks with trailers. How much fuel? Type of food Hot/cold camp? :beer: Water, :beer: Toilets? :beer: Spare parts, :cry: the given is axles and ujionts but what about the little things? Next would be how to pak all of the stuff.