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stuck ricer LOOK


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  • stuck ricer LOOK
    you gotta see this! it is worth your time
    stole it from another site

    95 yj, locked lifted, and ready to rock!

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    Ya Savvy?

    Motech Performance


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      oh well... cant win em all!
      go back to guessing who that is

      95 yj, locked lifted, and ready to rock!


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        Stuck/OOPS! Post-mortem examination.

        First mistake: rescue tow should reverse the direction of intended travel. In other words, reversed into snowbank and got stuck, therefore must rescue tow in FORWARD direction. Use snatch block/pulley with winch if necessary to apply correct force vector

        Second mistake: Did not take into consideration angle of pull after tow strap pulled taut. This results in crunched rear bumper.

        Third mistake: Continued pull despite stuck vehicle clearly unable to progress further. Stuck vehicle is buried up to rear axle/frame in snow.

        Fourth mistake: Final tow attempt is made with running start and slack in tow strap. This increases forces applied significantly.

        Fifth mistake: Questionable choice of tow point. Difficult to ascertain but tow strap appears to have been applied to a rear crossmember on the unibody frame? Clearly, not strong enough to withstand forces from running start at final tow attempt.

        Sixth mistake: Potentially a fatal mistake, but fortunately not and merely results in funny video propagated across World Wide Web. The tow strap uses METAL hooks at each end rather than loops. In slow motion, it is easy to see the potential energy rapidly being converted to kinetic energy as the strap snaps back. Fortunately, the metal hook is still attached to the rear crossmember. If not, the hook could have traveled through the rear window of the pickup into the back of the driver or passengers melon.

        That ends todays lesson. Please remember wisdom is being able to learn from the mistakes of others and also remember to keep it safe and sane.
        Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
        2003 TJ Rubicon: 4.5" OME coils; RE SF2; NthDegree TT/oilpan skid/shock shifters; FXD rock rails; Anti-Rock; 5150'


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          Media at work doesn't cooperate...


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            That should tell all those rice rocket guys........Tow hooks are a must!!!

            If they had only hooked to the pasenger side.... they might have recovered it.....instead of getting deeper into that bank! Forward would have been the way to go!!
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