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Real Christmas Tree Question?


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    Originally posted by JeepGal
    lol...youre absolutely terrible. I think some big pine trees in a small yard was the point here...not that all trees are terrible.

    Im still laughing ...


    If you top the tree each year for your Christmas tree, then it will never get too tall.

    Although, even after having lived out here for the last 12 years, I still can't get over how close they build houses to one another. Where I grew up, a one-third acre lot was considered too small...


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      Tams knows what I was talking about. Trees in their own space is a good thing. If someone builds under them and they fall down...well, you built your house there. The tree was there first (We had 2 huge oaks, 2 enormous acacias, an apple, an apricot and a willow tree in the front yard alone when we moved in.). But to put a tree in a space that is too small for it...that's another story. If it falls on your house...sad story. If it falls on the neighbor's suit.


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        If you're stupid enough to let a tree get weak and fragile enough to fall before having it cut down and removed, then you deserve to be sued. If an act of nature (storms, etc.) cause an otherwise healthy tree to fall and you haven't kept up your home owners insurance premiums, then once again, you deserve to be sued...


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          agreed and agreed.
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            I grew up in Ohio and on our lot we had 5 Blue Spruces growing up. One year we got the whole thing down. It grew to about 6 1/2 feet. That was our Christmas tree one year. The two out in the front grew as tall as the house. Mom and Dad planted those when they first bought the house and we lived in it until 1987, dad died in '85. Now the two spruces out front have been cut down because the new owners claimed that it brought the snakes to the front and termites!! Bullcrap!! It kept the snow from going to the front door and gave us ample shade in the summer. We had air conditioning, but not upstairs, HOT!! But if I can find the pic I'll post it on our image station!

            Sarah, you're welcome for the help with the Tree Sunday night!! But I forgot about the other tips about sawing off the tip of the trunk. The sprite thing, I've never heard of before. I knew to put aspirin in flowers, but not sprite for trees!! Too bad, allergic to real trees, that is if I'm around them for too long.
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              All the trees that had been in the front yard of the house I grew up in are gone. All of them. That little valley gets hotter than hell in August. The old growth oaks kept the house cool in the summer and protected it from the worst weather in the winter. The apple gave us free fruit and Mom always canned the apricots. The willow was my personal favorite. I had a lawn chair and table under it for reading. The house looks barren without the trees.

              One word about falling trees. Monterey pines are notorious for shallow root systems and a healthy tree will come down if the soil gets too moist. You never plant one within 100 feet of a house...or anything else you don't want it to fall on. Unfortunately the house that planted the one that came down planted it before the neighbors built their house.