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    This woman happens upon a pet store while she is out shopping. In the window she sees a parrot priced at $50. Since the price is so low she inquires about the low price.

    The proprietor infoms her that the bird was previously kept as a pet in a house of prostitution. Since it had picked up a few bad habits, and questionable lingo along the way it was for sale cheap.

    The woman, ever the optimist, decides she can retrain the bird and buys it.

    When she gets the bird home she hangs the cage up in the living room. The parrot climbs on his perch and says "New House, New Madam."

    The woman figures this isn't so bad, and she gets a little chuckle out of it.

    A few hours later her daughters arrive home from high school, the bird looks around and says "New House, New Madam, and New Girls."

    Mom explains about the bird to the girls and they crack up laughing.

    A fews after that her husband arrives home, when he walks in the door, the bird climbs back up to his perch, looks around ans says "Hi Keith!"
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