5spd Tranny -- Was first used in 1982.

Wide track Axles -- First used 1982.

Military Counterparts -- CJ-2A - MB
CJ-3A/B - M38
CJ-5 - M38A1
CJ-6 - M170
J-Series - M7** based on type (ambulance, Radio
truck, personnel truck)

CJ-3A -- first introduced in 1949

CJ-5 -- The CJ-5 was first introduced in 1955, and the last model year was

CJ-6 -- first introduced in 1956

Name the engine -- The diesel that was used in the early CJ's was a Perkins

V-8 -- !981 was the last year that the V-8 was used in the CJ's

Jeepster -- To the best of my knowledge, the original Jeepster was a two
wheel drive convertible, built by Willys, not Willys-Overland.

Cherokees -- AMC called the downsize (XJ) Cherokees..."Sportwagons"

FSJ #1 -- In 1965 the Wagoneer was the first Jeep offered with a V-8

FSJ #2 -- The last Wagoneer ever produced is in a museum in Reno, NV

FSJ #3 -- The first V-8 offered was an AMC 327ci

FSJ #4 -- In 1969, Jeep started using the Buick 350ci in the Wagoneer

CJ-1 -- The CJ-1 was known as the Agri-Jeep.

What is this -- That is the only known surviving CJ-4

Name that Jeep -- That Jeep is a M38A1 "C". The "U" in the windshield is where the 105 or 106mm Recoilless rifle rested when not in use.

Built on a Jeep -- The Zamboni, used to resurface ice skating rinks, was originally built on a CJ-3A.