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Jeep Stereo Amplifier Advice?


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  • Jeep Stereo Amplifier Advice?

    Don't really know a lot about car stereos, nor do I care to become a car stereo genius, so I'm asking for input with regard to an amplifier. I would like more clean volume, good quality, ruggedness, and a reasonably low price tag. What should I be looking for in brands, wattage, channels, etc.?

    Thanks in advance!

    Here's my system:

    Kenwood "excelon" KDC-X596 (2007)
    Relevant specs:
    • In-Dash CD/MP3 Receiver
    • Peak: 50 watts x 4 channels
    • RMS: 22 watts x 4 channels
    • Built-in MOSFET amplifier
    • System Q Sound Control with 8 EQ curves and a 3-band parametric equalizer
    • 3 Sets of 4V preamp outputs (front, rear, sub)

    Kicker 08KS6502 KS-Series 6.5-Inch Component System with 1-Inch 25mm Tweeter
    (In Overhead Speaker Pods)

    • Component system with two woofers, two tweeters, and two crossover networks
    • Symmetrical 12dB/octave high-pass-12dB/octave low-pass crossover/protection network with 3-position tweeter attenuation
    • 75 Watts RMS (150 Watts peak) power handling with 4-ohm impedance
    • 35 Hz-21kHz frequency response

    Pioneer Ts-G4641R 4-Inch X 6-Inch 2-Way Speakers
    (In Dash)

    • 4"x6"/4"x6"m 2-way speakers (pair)
    • IMPP composite woofer cone with cloth surround
    • 1-3/16" polyetherimide (PEI) dome tweeter
    • power range: 2-20 watts RMS (100 watts peak power)
    • frequency response: 45-22,000 Hz
    • sensitivity: 91 dB

    Infinity 10" (?) Subwoofer from 2008 JK Rubicon Unlimited
    I have never used this except in its original Jeep. It's now buried, and I don't have any specs or know how to get them. Yes I googled.
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    Try calling a dealership parts department for specs on the Infinity speaker.
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      go on craigslist, but some low-riders used amp, put the red wire there and the black wire over there and give it a go!
      Seriously, I'm a tard with this stuff to.. Go on Crutchfield and find some middle range amp/stereo set up and have a shop throw it in... I dont have time/patience to learn stuff like that anymore . To busy learning aircraft systems....
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        Your overall system is good. All quality components. The dash speakers are good speakers. Pioneer is known to make stuff that can handle long periods of high volume. The problem is, the amount of space behind the speakers, in the dash. There's no rear baffle, so you loose a lot of volume. You'd be better off with with a pod speaker, in the dash. My rubicon came with pods, as apposed to a standard 4x6. If you can get something like that, it would make a big difference.

        You may need a small amp for the sub. The head unit power should be good. FYI. To get just, 3db of increase in volume, you must double your wattage. So, going from 22 rms to say 30 rms is not worth the effert, unless you need a new head unit any way. Good luck.
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          Ted, I'm gonna try to dig up that subwoofer. I have 10 lbs of crap in a 2-lb sack over here.

          brokenujoint, thanks for nothing! Just kidding I know what you mean. I'm not one of "those guys" either, it's just that when I'm bouncing along the back roads of Anza cranking Stayin' Alive, I want everyone to hear it. :devil:

          Tumbleweed13, thanks for the info and input. I guess powering the sub is my biggest concern, but I'd like a little more kick out of the Kickers too.
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            Whatever amp you get mount it high in the cab for those suprise river crossings... Ask me how I know...
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              Good ide'er. I can think of a place that used to be boobytrapped with an airbag. I have my ECU under the steering column and I think I may leave it there to keep it dry too.
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                Another thing you can do, to get a fuller sound. If you have passengers, Adjust the fader 2 or 3 ticks to the front speakers. This will, keep you from getting all your sound from behind your head. When you have no passengers, adjust the balance a tick or 2 to the right side. This will give you, a more even sound, in the drivers seat.
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                  I used to play with the fader and balance, and the system has pretty good volume. I should probably relocate the Kicker tweeters from the woofers (they're removable and there are plastic cones to put in the woofers) to the front of the roll cage or something (like on the JKs with the 7-speaker system). I think with a 3-channel amp I could cover the front woofers, overhead woofers, and the sub, but good ones seem pricey. I guess even a 1-channel amp to drive the sub would be adequate. I would rather have a quality 1-channel than a cheesy 3-channel.

                  Back when I bought the speakers I was interested in getting an powered 8" Bazooka sub. Seems like that would have good sound and some Jeep installation possibilities.

                  I believe you're right about the Pioneers in the dash needing some kind of baffle. They didn't put out much volume. I'll also have to make sure they're wired to their own pre-amp on the stereo head. Thanks, that's actually a good point.
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                    Bazooka's are great for jeeps. Great sound, from a small package. I've had a few of them over the years. Also, durable enough to handle gear packed on top of them.
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                      Good to hear--all those things are what I was hoping a Bazooka would be. I'll probably get one eventually, but I think the Infinity will work out until then. It has a nice, sturdy, plastic case, but room for stuff like that is becoming more and more of a problem.
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                        I have a new kenwood powered tube for sale. It's kinda dusty from sitting in the garage but its never been used.


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