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    Hey I have a 1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ and I'm planning on putting on a 4" suspinsion lift. I have searched around and found a procomp lift with in the picture it showing the new leafs, u-bolts, and shocks. However, I am not sure if this has everything I need because I found a rough country lift that includes a lot more like brake line relocators and all that other stuff. Does the procomp acctually come with all those other things or not. I also have a question regarding shackels. I might also add 2" lift shackles. If i buy a lift kit with shocks included will i need to go ahead and buy another set of shocks to work with two inches higher of lift. I am an amature ao any input would help and if this helps my jeep is not going to be a serious off-roader or anything mostly a dailey driver. Thanks.

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    You can relocate your own lines if need be, you'll need a dropped pitman arm and either a t-case drop or SYE with that much lift.
    Skip on 2" shackle lifts, buy if you must have them they'll need longer shocks. How big a tire are you looking to run here?
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      lifted shackels are not the greatest things in the world i ran with like an inch and a half and it really made my steering feel weird. i got them caught on like bunch of rocks

      also i ran the pro comp kit and it was stiff as hell, the shocks suck major huevos, and the leaf springs take a long ime to break in. you can ditch the smallest leaf in the front pair and it will help things out, but than they start to sag a little, by the time i noticed they were on ebay and sold. the rear leaves are fine but they do sag, but the front ones mess up the whole kit. the rough country lift is even more rough from what i hear, no first hand experience.

      if you lift you will put bigger tires, which you will need to drop down in gear ratios, if not you will lose fith gear

      if you lift it you will also have bad driveshaft angles and vibes and MAYBE might have to do a Slip yoke eliminator kit

      when i had pro comp i was fine with just a TC drop, but once i went to BDS i got bad vibes

      monetary breakdown. these are estimates
      lift like:550
      gear ratios and installation : 1000+
      tires and rims like 1000+
      SYE and CV driveshaft: 500

      total: like somewhere between 3000 and up

      im not trying to say dont get it im just trying to say if your gonna waste that much money you should get something worhtwhile.

      no procomp lift kit or rough country or 2" lifted shackels

      popual rlift kits here are Rubicon express
      and on another forum i frequent they are BDS and Rubicon express

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