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RE poly bushings


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  • RE poly bushings

    The long wheelbase types are getting all excited about urethane bushings

    Before you ask, I clicked over there by mistake

    So here's my question.

    I have the RE polyurethane bushings and I trashed them in a year. (About 44 medium to tough runs! Woo hoo!)

    Are the RE bushings as good as it gets, or are there other options? I am particularly thinking about the front spring shackle.

    Chris L.
    "your jeep looks so hot!!"

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    Chris was looking through the new RE catalog, and came across this:

    Not sure if itd work or not, but it sounded like a cool idea.

    Chris remembers seeing a while back, a Toyota leaf spring with a Johnny Joint instead of a bushing. He thinks it may have been All Pro Offroad, but hes not sure. That might be a better solution then bushings.

    (next time Im going to let him type his posts...)


    Tam and Chris
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      Hmm....not sure I can visualize how these work :confused:

      I took a look at all pro and found these:

      Way cool. Shame I *just* welded new hangers on the frame

      It does say they are for the rear - maybe they induce strange steering quirks.

      When I think about it, if the axle is at 30 degrees to the frame all that movement has to go somewhere which is why the bushings take a beating.

      Chris L
      "your jeep looks so hot!!"