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Jeep Keyless Entry Remotes & Programming Instructions


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  • Jeep Keyless Entry Remotes & Programming Instructions

    What does your local dealer charge for Jeep keyless entry remotes?

    My Jeep dealer wants $149 a piece plus $35 for programming for my 95 Grand Cherokee, and $99 a piece for my 02 Liberty.

    I'm curious to see what other dealerships are charging for new remotes and programming.

    I'm done with ebay because the listings show new remotes, and 3 out of 3 times I've won - I end up with junk that doesn't work and won't program. First one was superglued together and cracked. Can't check the battery if you can't even open it. Second one was completely corroded inside from water and didn't work. The 3rd one only 1 button worked and it looked like someone tried to superglue the circuit board pieces back together. Each one was advertised as new, or like new and they obviously weren't anywhere close to that. The Keyles Ride site is run by one of those same lying ebay sellers, so thats off the list too.

    What does your local dealership charge? I bet there's some that want even more than what mine is charging.

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    oops caps.
    the prices you qupted are typical, but it is pretty easy to program the remoptes with info from the net.

    95 yj, locked lifted, and ready to rock!


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      I don't think I'll try ebay again. Each listing I was buying from showed new remotes, described new remotes, etc.

      One listing even said "new in factory sealed bag" but I got a scratched up remote that was packaged with one of those do-it-yourself freezer bag machines.


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        WOW for $149+$35 you can get a great aftermarket alarm installed that'll do your doors and other things.

        My alarm with the bi-directional remote (beeps when the alarm goes off and has a pretty good range) and remote start was only about $120 brand new. I did the install myself but still even that is cheaper than one dealer remote
        03 Rubicon, 6" FT long arms, 35x12.5 MTRs
        "Jeep is a kind of vehicle for which you have to buy a $250 security console in order to install and store a $40 CB radio. " --Me.


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          Yeah, Ive seen some interesting aftermarket setups, but I'd like to stay factory if I can find a decent source for the remotes. My buddy has a lifted 93 GC with an aftermarket alarm with remote start and whatnot, and he's always having problems with it not working properly or really weak signal.


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            You're just upset because the voices in my head only talk to ME!


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              Haha, yeah, doors help keeping the cold AC air in, as well as the

              I found another keyless entry remote site online that I'm willing to give a shot -

              The KR site wants $110 a piece for the 95 Grand Cherokee remote, and they're 1/2 that price on ThePartsYouNeed site with the instructions included. I ordered 1 for now.


              I'll keep you guys posted. If it works good, I'm going to order one for my Liberty as well.


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                Gotta be something about those coil springs that keeps you kids buying useless parts ....
                You're just upset because the voices in my head only talk to ME!


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                  Oops. almost forgot to update...

                  I got the remote in the mail Friday.

                  Programming took maybe 15 seconds? Its amazing that a dealership would charge for something that can be done so quick, especially after already sticking a customer with the retail price.

                  Anyhow, the remote works great and when I went to put in an order for remote for the Liberty I noticed I got free shipping, so I bought a 2nd remote for the Grand Cherokee and a pair for the Liberty. FINALLY I will have remotes that work and that I can use.



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                    The 2nd order came in today. The Liberty remotes needed dealer programming since I didn't have a current working remote, but I got that done at a Dodge dealerhship for free instead of having to run down to my Jeep dealer - so that was awesome.

                    The 2nd GC remote was easy to program since I just had to run through the sequence with both remotes.

                    Now I have a pair for each car which should make life a little easier.

                    I wish I would have known about before I wasted the money with the ebay people tho, cause then I'd have all the money I saved to get some other toys for the cars!