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  • Rock Gear soft top

    Hey im in the market for a new soft top. Im looking at a top made by Rock Gear tops, called the windbreaker, and im wondering if anyone had an opinion on these tops. They seem to be fairly simple, and needing no framework keeps the price down, which is what im really after. Heres a link to thier site

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    I've got the California Tops version and love it. I'm never going back to a top with a seperate frame again.
    I got your jeep thing, now it burns when I pee


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      I have a friend who ditched is old soft top for one of the Rock Gear tops. Real nice top. He wound up modifying his to fit his factory door shrouds. They might have changed them to now fit with your door shrouds when they come from the dealer, its worth asking when you call.
      Once my factory top wears out I would definatly consider them an option.

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        Friend here has the RockGear Top on his Rubi and he loves it. It's nice to be able to flip the windows up out of the way in a few mins and have basically a Safari Style top, without alot extra to lug around.