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Old school Dana 44 rotor swapability


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  • Old school Dana 44 rotor swapability

    I have a 1985 Grand Wagoneer front Dana 44. I re-drilled the 6x5.5" hubs and rotors to 5x5.5". I'd like to find a 5x5.5" rotor I can get off the shelf when these rotors need to be replaced.

    My options appear to be a 1985 Dodge Ramcharger, 1979 F-150, or 1974 Scout II. I'm leaning toward the F-150's but the rotor height is .400" taller - moving the rotor disc inboard. Does anyone have experience knowing if the calipers have enough room on the slider pins to compensate for that much difference?

    I know the stud bore is different but that's nothing a drill bit can't fix.
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