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Would an Axle Truss help strengthen a Dana 35?


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  • Would an Axle Truss help strengthen a Dana 35?

    I have a stock Dana 35 rear axle. In the future I will upgrade the axle (probably with the Super 35 kit). Until then, would the addition of an axle truss help strenthen the axle much? Missouri Off Road has a good looking one that goes over the axle thereby avoiding the loss of clearance that a truss often presents.
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    I think if you take the price of the super 35 kit and add the price of the truss, you could have an 8.8 with disk brakes and an ARB.

    super 35s work well though. I don't think AL has a truss on his and he's been on 35s now for awhile without problems.

    just my $.02.

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      what he said. For the price of the super35 kit and the truss (plus welding, if any) you can have a nice F8.8 and disc brakes. Especially in a YJ, all you have to worry about is spring perches and a yoke adapter. very easy swap.
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        S35 is great but as stated, I'd do the 8.8 if I had a YJ. Stronger and cheaper. Axle truss won't help with axle strength, it only strengthens axle tubes. To my knowledge the tubes aren't the problem. The shafts are the problem.
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          another vote for the 8.8
          i have it, and gave run the hell out of it with great results. it is a very easy install.

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            super 35

            I run 35s on a super D35 and Detroits.

            So far the super 35 has been strong enough for me. In my experience most people break stuff when they get crazy with the loud pedal. Or they have a tow strap attached and they are trying to help a buddy and they don't know when to quit.

            More powerful anchors would be nice though...

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