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  • 4x4 DVD Review

    I got my 4x4 dvd about a week ago but I have been too busy to post a review of it, so here goes:

    The dvd starts out with a great classroom-type instruction teaching the basics of what makes a 4wd vehicle work, they show and tell you everything from the different types of differentials, how steering works, and how to do a quick disconnect of your sway bar (which was incredibly helpful to me, being as new as I am to jeep vehicles).

    Once the classroom session is over, the dvd explores those for and against off-roading and trail-riding, letting someone from each side state several "facts" as to why we should be allowed to keep trails and parks open, or close them to engine-driven vehicles.

    The last part of the dvd is awesome footage of several different types of vehicles off-roading, and as I was watching at a little past 3 am, it really made me wanna up and hit the trails (and yes, Sarah was's definately worth buying just to see the van in the rock garden!).

    The only complaint I really had was at times the background music was a bit loud, which made it difficult to understand what some of the people were saying, but this is a small, easily overlooked problem.

    Overall, the dvd was a great learning experience for me and provided some great entertainment at the same time. Had I not won it, I would definately buy it knowing what I know now, and I am definately looking forward to the next in the series!
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    ROCK ON! Glad you enjoyed it. For anyone interested in checking out the DVD some more, use the banner ad link at the top of the page - please support our advertisers!

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      They have a web site at and have a Enthusiasts Forum also.

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