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KC + Safari snorkle ? Will it fit ?


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  • KC + Safari snorkle ? Will it fit ?

    Monday iam going up to my dads friends offroad shop they are installing 4 KC 150 watt dayligherts . 2 on the bumper and 2 with windsheild mounts. Iam about to order the Safari Snorkle from ARB, i really want the snorkle, am i going to be able to fit the snorkle on the jeep with the KC's mounted on teh windsheild ?

    Thanks alot,

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    someone was telling me about glare problems with lights mounted on the windshield. maybe they'll chime in, I can't for the life of me remember who it was.

    as for the snorkle, can't help ya there, don't know.

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      I have Hella 500's mounted on windshield brackets along with a snorkel, all on a 2004 Unlimited with no contridictions to each other, and as for glare, my rig is white, and i notice no glare at night..low
      '04 Unlimited

      Test vehicle for Toys by Troy products, oh yeah, and I had to pay for the parts


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        Thanks man, i hope the same goes for my 00 TJ with my KC's.


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          I have no problem with my lights on the windshield