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Faded Fender Flares


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  • Faded Fender Flares

    I have found a product that takes care of the bleached-out fender flares. S100 Engine Brightener is a product I have used for several years to keep by black motorcycle engine looking new. The high heat tends to turn a new shiny black motorcycle engine into a dull grey engine in short order. The S100 is a lubricant that has kept my engine looking show room new. It is also made for "plastics, rubbers and paints". I have never used it on my paint job, but anything that is rubber or plastic will look like new. My 2000 Wrangler's flares were starting to turn grey and this morning I sprayed them down and let it soak in for a few minutes before wiping it off. They look new. A 4.5 oz. can costs $7.95 and I have always bought it at my motorcycle dealership. But today I located it on-line and ordered several cans. You can get it at
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