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Easy Clean Water Bowl for pets

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  • Easy Clean Water Bowl for pets

    This water bowl is truly easy to clean. It is also self-filling so even though it is small in size, as long as your pet's muzzle can reach the water, there will be water.

    We have had several fountain type watering bowls. They all had several of the same issues - taking up way too much floor space, had to be near a power receptacle, a thousand tight corners that were hard to clean, expensive filter elements that went obsolete as soon as the box was opened... And they all had to be filled by hand to keep from running out.
    Wow, this is sounding like an infomercial...

    Seriously, I am a customer - a repeat customer. I had the original design many years ago. In the beginning the design was made of hard plastic. It worked great and was easy to clean. There was a problem with the early floats leaking. I wrote to the inventor/business owner and he replaced the float with no hassles at all. It lasted several more years until my dogs finally broke the mounting tabs off of the hanging bracket while they were roughhousing too close to it.

    I just bought the new style at the Orange County Pet Expo. I didn't think it could be improved. It is. The new material is smoother - even easier to clean and more pliable so the knuckleheads will have to try a little harder to break this one. There are no corners to clean around during a normal cleaning. In the event you get algae in it, the float is easily removable and sits in a trough that is easily scrubbed with the included brush. For that matter, any common scrub brush will reach any point inside the bowl/self filling area.

    Considering what we've paid over the years on other gimmicks: the ease of cleaning and peace of mind that our dogs always have fresh water available, this could be twice the price and I'd be happy to buy it again.
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