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  • Rules: Vehicles for Sale

    This is also posted above as an announcement, but since not everyone reads those, here's another copy.

    If you don't want to follow the rules here, please visit one of the many classifieds sites on the web! You'll probably get better results, and we don't mind that!

    If your for sale prices are regularly close to retail, you will need to become a vendor. Please use this forum for a deal you might give your friends, NOT full price. Help a jeeper out!

    *NOTE* Users must have a minimum number of posts to list items in the for sale section. In addition, if you post that you "don't check this site," the post is subject to deletion or moderation without notice. We are not a Classifieds Site!!!

    1. Please complete the fields near the top of your listing, including ad type, location, etc. It will help everyone.

    2. Please stay on-topic!!

    3. In the Title please accurately state what it is that you are selling (i.e. Don't just title it "Parts For Sale" or "Jeep For Sale"). Please be at least semi-specific. Let us know what you have!

    4. Posting uselessly in your thread or bumping your thread is NOT OK and such posts may be deleted.

    5. Linking to Ebay auctions is OK!

    6. If you are a shop, or sell Jeep parts on the side as extra income, as a job, or similiar, please post in the AFTERMARKET VENDORS forum, or your post may be deleted.

    7. NO Linking to other forums or sites for the purpose of selling stuff. Copy and paste please, its not that hard.

    Thanks guys.
    :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun: