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need to buy asap: ECU for a 94 YJ, 6 cyl. manual, no ac.


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    Originally posted by vwtipeii View Post
    they should sell everything together, Engine, adjustable fuel pressure regulator and harness with ECU. Tune it all the first time on a dyno and be done with it.

    Rather than bash to bash... offer a solution.
    You ever get a A/F meter on it? I recommended that about 2 yrs ago I think.

    you say offer a solution we all offer advice on how to get that solution but you're not following it
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      Yes... In another thread I said we finally put the engine on a dyno and it was running lean at partial throttle when the engine was under load. Rather than just replacing the ECU, this thread discussed going with a new programmable ECU... the solution I have chosen allows A/F ratios to be changed. Adding more fuel should cure the leaning out and overheating issue. Will tune everything while the jeep in on the dyno. What solution am I not following?


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        On a dyno? Ok so you have not installed a 175$ A/F gauge. Got it.

        As I mentioned some time ago, I ran an adjustable bypass fuel reg and a nice E2000 pump for reliable 320-350HP stroker for years, on a all stock 92-95 ECU/Stripped harness setup.

        I know you are prone to throwing money at something and if the stand alone system doesnt fry the engine then you likely will be able to get a good tune at some point, and that might just fix your fuel delivery issue. But if it is only slightly going lean (hard to tell on only a dyne for a hour test/tune day) then likely more fuel wont help much, and if you go over aggressive you will wash the cyc walls and prematurely just wear walls/rings (as well as other bad things).

        With how many engine issues you have had with it, I would 2nd question all kinds of things on your "solutions" so far. Water pump, is it an actual correct rotation unit? Is the fan correct? Is the belt routing correct for the rotation on your setup now? Is there an int leak? T-Stat a actual quality part and a 192deg unit? Is the fan clutch a GC HD unit, or at least a quality unit, not some rockauto special? Is the fan shroud setup as good as it should/could be. Is the radiator NOT a 3 row, but a Quality 2 row? And thats just the obvious items.

        I am sorry your having all these issues, but there are a few more things to a stroker than just buying a long block and some inj and hoping the installer knows what they are doing with the puzzle pieces.

        I have 3 friends all close, as well I have had 2, with strokers, all with Stock ECU's, all with quality parts mentioned above, all without over heating issues. All with significant power and all loving their setups. It doesnt require a proprietary stand alone ECU system from a company that is known for very shotty stroker builds.
        *Ricky Bobby* "I'm on FIRE!"... "I'm on FIRE!"...


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          If your still in need of a cpu, I have one from a 93 yj mantrans no a/c 4.0. 100.00 bucks
          pm me for phone #