Objectives & Activities

Adopt-A-Trail Program Objectives

  • Create a spirit of cooperation between different user groups, visitors, businesses and the Forest Service
  • Allow the continued enjoyment of the trails in our forests, year after year, for generations
  • Promote all aspects of safety in the use of equipment and vehicles
  • Unite those concerned in responsible land management practices through the maintenance of trails and public education
  • Promote land stewardship, physical fitness, and instill a sense of pride and ownership for volunteers

Adopt-A-Trail Maintenance Activities
The level of required maintenance varies with each trail, the organization’s capabilities, and must be matched with the level of trail needs. Maintenance activities include:

  • Remove logs and brush that encroach into the trail
  • Install, repair, and clean waterbars or other drainage structures
  • Provide protection to stream crossings, meadows, and wet areas
  • Place rocks or logs in trail for better traction
  • Maintain trail to the designated rating
  • Remove traces of any use that occurs off the designated trail
  • Remove litter and any foreign items from trail
  • Install, maintain, and replace trail markers
  • Install, maintain, and replace signs and bulletin boards as needed
  • Other related maintenance activities as specified on the operating plan