Adopt-A-Trail Reports

Winter Trail Patrol

    Jeffrey and I, Erik, went up to check on our trails out there in big bear. The weather was great, and the trails were in fair shape.

    There are a couple of fallen trees on the trail. We moved one of them, and didnt want to push it for the other. The snow was between 6″ and 18″ throughout the trails. A couple of them had not been driven on since the snow.

    We left the house at 6:00am and got back at 10:00pm.

    The roads were slick coming back down the mountain. In the middle of the day, the temp felt like it was well into the 60’s. Once the sun set it dropped like a brick. By dark it was in the 20’s.

    Also, at Little Bear Peak there is a can with a pad of paper for people to sign. I hear the geocache was removed… I looked anyway, and there was nothing.

    tn_IMG_6175.JPG.jpg tn_IMG_6209.JPG.jpg tn_IMG_6173.JPG.jpg


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