Adopt-A-Trail Reports

2N84 Work Party – May 6, 2006

    A small MJR group started the day with breakfast in Big Bear. We discussed our plan for the day and headed out to the trail.

    We updated the decal on the Adopt-A-Trail sign to a bigger and more visible size. We checked the culverts we had cleared last year on the way to the yellow post.

    At the yellow post, Kurt installed the 2N84A sign. Everyone walked the area to find little trace of use. Next stop was Little Bear Peak.

    Drew and Kurt climbed right up and started to paint the sign forest service brown. We all then took a hike to check out the peak, take in the scenery. We found that the geocache had been visited and was in good shape.


    Back at the intersection of 2N84 and 2N84A, everyone worked hard to close a hill climb with logs and rocks. We skipped 2N84 and went straight to 2N84B where Fernando installed our second sign, "most difficult," for the rock garden.

    The sign proved it’s worthiness, too! Kurt took the first stab at the improved rock garden, with Paul right behind. Round three didn’t go as well – Drew broke at the beginning. Damage report includes a broken driver side axle shaft, u-joint, and upper knuckle ball joint. He made it off the trail and home safe under his own power and without any further problems.

    All in all, we scratched off a number of action items from our trail maintenance plan, and the trail is in great shape after the winter. Most of the group headed over to Gold Mountain to finish off the day.

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